How to get things done?

Often you want to do a thing you deem important, but aren’t motivated enough to do it. Then you end up doing nothing, rather than something else (which is useful), because it can feel like doing anything else apart from the singular task you thought of is a waste of time, or sign that you’re not motivated etc. We often want to do hard things, and we want to do lots of things. The crucial thing is that of timing, which builds momentum. Ask what thing you are willing to do. Not what you would like to do, or what you so wanted to be done by now, or what you ought to be doing – just what you are willing to and can do. Sometimes you don’t wanna do intellectually heavy tasks like reading a book or learning Tulu, what you can do instead then is to do some task where you can mind wander (like cleaning your room, or giving clothes for laundry). This is a much better match for the state of mind at that stage, and also cleans out blocks from your head, allows you to move forward which things you often procrastinate. I sense with this you get a steady hit of dopamine, and you can build to more & more important tasks. One optimization you might make is: what is the most important task I’m willing to do right now.

This post on Excusejitsu is another method out to get yourself unblocked.