I wanna be a nerd. Ask questions. Have a wonder-filled way of looking and describing the world. An ever unfulfilled desire for knowledge, for exploration.

Easier access to knowledge comes with the responsibility to manage it better.

As a kid I would yearn for a huge library. I realize that no library in the world could satisfy my need to have and hoard ALL the books in the world. All knowledge a mere walk away. What I got was perhaps even better than that - all knowledge at my fingertips. But is it better? Simultaneous streams of consumption, thought engaged somewhere completely different, completely unclear and muddled and tired.

Quite honestly, the recent flu bout is a relief. I’m not able to consume a lot, and taking a real break from everything.

expectations in tangential explorations

The thing I’ve realized about consuming too many topics is that - you gotta have a couple of core topics or things to which you keep coming back, about which you keep thinking. And then there are snacky digressions, which must not induce the pressures of persistence and grit (atleast as far as the current set of goals are concerned) but instead just satisfy and itch and then you move on.

This is not only about having an easy-going mindset in regards to tangential explorations, but also what kinds of goals to choose. Example: you have an itch to explore about the history of India. You know this is tangential and not going to be in depth. So pick up a 20 minute youtube video highlighting the overarching themes; Or a blog post which expounds the partition. Those are reasonable goals. Starting ‘Discovery of India’ and hoping to read it continuously over the next couple of weeks is probably not.