Cycling in Ladakh

2018 Oct 10 See all posts

Cycling in Ladakh

10 days. 450 Kms.
Me and the mountain bike.

Leh - Upshi - Chumathang - Chushul - Merak - Shyok - Panamik - Leh

Some diary entries from Ladakh:

I keep mentioning that endurance activities are life intensified. It has ups and down and they keep coming - an onslaught of waves, one after the other. If life is art, maybe one can strive to gracefully transition between these ups and downs.
Isn't it thrilling to do this thing which I'm so scared, telling that I'm not ready for it. Well, you are in the midst of the storm. Live it, breathe it, let it pass through you and let your goal be that of relentless forward progress. Sense? We are not in search of sense here. It's about feeling extraordinary emotions and seeing what happens to you. It's an exercise in free will.

I just cannot begin to describe the beauty of this place. It is also something which can engulf you without care. The seeming mercilessness of here is frightening, disturbing. Every day I wake up with a heavy heart - What will the mountains demand of me today? Can I endure? Is it possible for me to return tomorrow?

Atleast once I felt like I would die.
But I didn't.
It turned out to be okay.
I got to visit Merak and the holy Pangong, which is the most beautiful place I ever laid my eyes on.
I got to chase that waterfall, which led me to a chilling seclusion, expansive in its vibes.
Sometimes, it's okay to stretch yourself – you never know what you would find, and have a great tale to tell.