Notes on Questioning

2018 Oct 10 See all posts

Notes on Questioning

Unformatted checklist of meta-questions

Owing to a curious mix of mostly my own reluctance to question and the archaic educational system (with the former being predominant), I felt lost in asking questions and navigating unknown things. Ultimately circumstances force me to answer blatantly avoided questions, and my mental state in such scenarios is far from poised and peaceful. Somewhere along the line this has shifted, and now "asking questions" is one of the top skills I want to excel in.
Books are a prominent way for me gather information around a topic (in this case, questions). These are just my notes from "A More Beautiful Question" by Warren Berger. I use this as a checklist of questions/tips to go through from time to time, to sharpen the proverbial axe, and as raw material for self-reflection.

Selling point

Oppositions to questions:


Personal questions: