Goa Diaries: Every beach is different

2022 Apr 12 See all posts

Goa Diaries: Every beach is different
Kakolem beach

Every beach is different.

Kakolem beach have ultra-leaning palm trees and it's almost like they're gonna fall. The sand beneath them giving away slowly. I wonder if sands travel much; or if there are sands which prefer to stay at one place & and then there are sands which travel all around etc. It's such a futile question.

Coming back to beaches, there can be rocks on the sides or the beach might be narrow vs expansive, a difficult trail might lead up to it making it secluded.

Some beach have these small sand hills & only a few lucky waves can cross over. It's all weird, this business of anthropomorphising beaches and sands.

I often despair that I cannot "listen" to nature, my mind & pathways are too clogged up or doing the same things etc. etc. With the waves it's this commotion of inky bodges - disappearing & appearing at all over the place. It's such a dynamism, beautiful in an instant and in the change over many instants. I wonder if there's something beyond the aesthetics — it is borderline spiritual. Maybe it feels so fresh and attractive because the ever present randomness of those inky bodges is an anti-thesis to the prevalence & seeking of order in my life.