Word of the day: Nefarious

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Word of the day: Nefarious

What does nefarious mean? Such a strange word bursts forth from the recesses of the mind. Reminds me of Serpent of Slytherin in Harry Porter and the Chambers of Secret. I don't even wanna google it, and indulge in the indulgence of creating and living in thoughts, isolated from reality. Delusion!? I say it's deliberate, with any reference to reality merely coincidental and implying that I sense more than I know.

Nefarious — it's got this nasty tone to it. Poisonous gases leaking from the gutters of a shady neighbourhood at night. Doesn't seem to be something which originated purely in English language, but was brought in from some other ancient language. A bastard? Maybe. Let's spread rumours about it.

Nefarious. Trying to associate itself with the innocent and playful nerf guns, but nah. Nefarious refers to an evil which is legendary and mythologised in current civilization. It's a spite, but not an acquired spite, but one which something is born with. It's the creature's innate nature, and so you can't judge it. But it's got a style, and you should watch it from the safety of a cage else all hell breaks loose, on you. Oh no, you don't want that to happen.

Nefarious is not naughty. It's something far more sinister. It's a snake. Don't be too enchanted by it.