wellness log 2024


what’s going well

  • re-reading Helgoland – prioritising absorbing content and being able to talk and think about it, rather than just shoving it to side once it is ticked off from the reading list. In similar vein, I stuck pretty well with reading about SSDs and NVMe.
  • On a similar vein, holding off reading Road to Reality or Never Finished, and restricting creation of too many parallel threads.
  • Running/fitness: good consistency, strong return back to running.
  • taking care of myself post-run – wearing jackets so that I don’t get cold. Development of a sensitivity of when that’s required.
  • taking the cyber case easy, letting things progress and not taking too much stress.
  • Frequent reminders to not compare yourself to others; The most acute way this happened was now when the emphasis was on what things have gotten better, or could be better compared to yesterday (or recent times).
  • frequent intake of fluids to combat the summers.

what can improve

  • food: protein intake can get more consistent; can consume more fruits
  • need more awareness – have been really absent-minded and erratic
  • avoiding tough calls like talking to Saroj mamu and Rajesh mamu
  • being a bit detached and emotionally absent
  • Tulu learning needs to pick up a gear; Anki is not enough anymore. Also, need to be consistent in general.


what’s going well

  • standing up for myself about staying longer at my friend’s place. We fought, but we came out stronger at the other side. I was more present, and could just see the futility in wallowing and guilt-tripping, and didn’t engage much.
  • have a foam-rolling and stretching routing atleast once a week
  • started reading “Road to Reality”!
  • emotional detachment is improving now. Nerdiness is still in the air.

what’s not going well

  • Tulu learning – atleast do Anki cards; ideally engage in conversation as well.
  • little of knee pain; foam-rolled today, hopefully it passes.
  • 3 scoops of protein powder at night is too much and too uncomfortable; spread it throughout the day.